Early Concept
Basic Info
Other Names -"Two-Headed Freak"

-Mangled Patient

Appearances St. Abraham
Health Low
Locations Surgery Ward

Prison Ward

Dark Lobby Experiment Ward

Attack Methods Swipe

Twinhead, also known as Two-Headed Freak or Mangled Patient, is a relatively weak monster encountered in St. Abraham. It is the fourth monster that Jay Donovan encounters, following The Hungry One, the SmileBeast, and the Rag Wraith. It, like the Rag Wraith, is first encountered in the Surgery Ward. Bill Johnson claimed to have been chased by it when you first meet him.


The Twinhead resembles a 6-foot bald male with pale grayish skin. Its eyes are completely white, like a corpse after its eyes have rolled back into its head. It has a noticeably broken jaw, as its mouth is slacked open to one side. Dried blood surrounds its eyes and mouth. It was a long, bloodstained hospital gown with the Mandola on the lower right corner (much like Jay's). It has bare, dirty feet.

Its most distinguishing feature is its second head. Twinheads have a second head that appears to have been grafted on in a surgical procedure. Stitching is clearly seen. However, the second head has died because of the operation, and as such is carelessly hanging onto the shoulder, flopping every which way. Its eyesockets are hollow as well.


Twinheads are relatively weak enemies. They have a single attack (a swiping attack), but they go down in 3 Handgun shots. However, for a monster of their "zombie-like" appearance, they can move fairly quickly.

St. AbrahamEdit

Twinheads are the fourth enemy Jay encounters. They are first found in the Surgery Ward (immediately after meeting Bill Johnson. They can later be encountered in the Prison Ward, the Dark Lobby, and the Experiment Ward.


Their two heads represent Multiple Personality Disorder. They also represent Alter Egos; specifically, Jay's "bad" side, the side that murdered his family.