The Boilerman
No Art Available
Basic Info
Full Name Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Hazel
Occupation Serial Killer
Appearances St. Abraham

The Boilerman is an unseen character who is mentioned in St. Abraham. He was apparently one of the most dangerous patients admitted to the hospital, as he had apparently killed several people in the timespan of 6 hours. He is mentioned in a Patient Dossier found in the Central Wing.


The Boilerman [Real Name Unknown] was described as 6 1/2 feet tall, with large muscles. He was bald at the time of his detainment. He wore a brown leather jacket and a blue hat. He also wore large brown boots.


On January 6th, 2003, he supposedly murdered 3 adults and two children in the timespan of 6 hours. He was later detained a week later. 6 days after he was admitted, he vanished from his room. A janitor later reported hearing something in the boiler room. Despite never appearing in the game itself, it is said he was a very bipolar and violent man who would randomly fly into fits of rage.

St. AbrahamEdit

The Boilerman is mentioned in a Patient Dossier found in the Kitchen of the Central Wing. The document is found in the Kitchen Storage Room. Once you enter the room, the door will lock and you won't be able to leave the room until you pick up and read the document. If you attempt to exit the closet without reading the document, the door will be locked and a voice will whisper "".

Despite being called The Boilerman, he never appears in the Boiler Room. However, a blue hat appears on a table at the end of the area. From the table, a trail of muddy footprints leads towards a door that marks the end of the area, implying that The Boilerman is one step ahead.