St. Abraham III: Reunion
St abraham III
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Basic Info
Platform PC
Protagonist Zoe Donovan
Antagonist Crysta Dyles
Genre Survival Horror


Release Date Unknown
St. Abraham III, also known as St. Abraham III: Reunion or St. Abraham: Reunion, is a First-Person Psychological Horror/Narrative video game developed by Toshiko Games. It is the third game in the St. Abraham trilogy and the sequel to St. Abraham II: White Mist.


In the middle of her college final at the Johnston Medical Unversity, Zoe Donovan, the niece of Jay Donovan, begins having visions of her dead family and flies into a fit of yelling. That night, she wakes up in a strange Hellish version of her college campus and begins finding a series of notes from someone familiar...someone who is trying to contact her.


Players go through a college campus. This game returns to the more linear style of its predecessor, and most of it is indoors. Each area of the game is a spoke branching off of the main hub. There are puzzles to be solved in each area, usually ones that involve physics and combination of items. Much like the first game, the game's story is only revealed piece by piece as you play the game.

The game has a very strange combat system. Zoe only wields a lead pipe and a small handgun. The handgun has limited ammo, and the lead pipe can break eventually after prolonged use. This game is less-focused on combat than the first two.

The game is a lot more narrative-based than the first two installments; the story is told through notes found throughout the game and narrated by a character whose identity is unknown.


Heroes and AlliesEdit

  • Zoe Donovan



  • The Skin Daddy


Hostile MonstersEdit

  • Adipem
  • Spiked Victim
  • Anorexem
  • Cold Lung
  • Backover
  • Cranium
  • Red Chest
  • Behemoth


  • Carver
  • Hollow Bat
  • Triple Siren
  • Skin Floater
  • Captus

Non-Hostile MonstersEdit

  • The Skin Daddy
  • Ghost

Blackout MonstersEdit

  • Banshine
  • Dark Miner
  • Gatherer
  • Hulker



Area 1: Rusty Springs InnEdit

Area 2: Hollow CavesEdit

Area 3: Springwood MallEdit

Area 4: Rusty Fields FairgroundsEdit

Area 5: St. Abraham Mental InstitutionEdit


  • First Aid Kit-Used to refill health
  • Flashlight Battery-Used to recharge flashlight power
  • Keyring-Optional; Can be used to carry more than one key at a time
  • Granola Bar-Used to regain stamina
  • Lead Pipe-Weapon; Obtained early in the game
  • Handgun-Weapon; Obtained in the 1st part of the game
  • Handgun Bullets-Ammo