St. Abraham
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Appearances St. Abraham
Bosses Shiner


Flesh King

Mad Daddy Brivega

Enemies SmileBeast

Rag Wraith




Crawler Wallsnatcher

The Hungry One

Puzzles None So Far

The St. Abraham Mental Institution is the main setting of St. Abraham. It is a mental institution designed by the architect, Allister Mayston, who was also the leader of an ancient cult called The Hallowed. It is a prominent location in the St. Abraham series.


There are 3 wings: the Central Wing, the West Wing, and the East Wing. However, only the Central and West wings are explorable in the game.

The Central Wing contains the main lobby, the library, the main bathrooms, and the kitchen. It is the first area you explore in the game. The West Wing contains the Children's Ward and the Surgery Ward, arguably two of the creepiest areas in the game. It is the second hub you explore.

The hospital also has a Lower Floor (the third hub area), which is basically a basement. It contains the Warehouse, the Prison Ward, and the Boiler Room.


The St. Abraham Mental Institution was built in 1901 by an architect named Allister Mayston. It took three years to complete, having started construction in 1899. Allister happened to be the leader of a cult called The Hallowed, and he used the Mark of Brivega as the hospital's logo. This meant the hospital was designed as a beacon for the supernatural.


St. AbrahamEdit

  • Tessa
  • Flesh King
  • Shackled Witch
  • Mad Daddy
  • Brivega

St. Abraham IIIEdit

  • Captus

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