St. Abraham: Blood Pact is the fourth game in the St. Abraham series and the first game that isn't part of the main series. Not much is known about the project yet, except that it is the only game in the St. Abraham franchise to be based entirely around co-op multiplayer. Because of this, it is also the first online game in the series.


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For the first time, St. Abraham: Blood Pact will feature a new mechanic. The mode's main mechanic is one that the St. Abraham series has never touched upon before: multiplayer co-op. Players can choose between two characters, although both play equally. For the majority of each area, they are seperated on opposite sides of the building. Players must cooperate to solve physics-based puzzles from different rooms. Built into the game is a communication system consisting of cellphones that are set on speakerphone. Sometimes, depending on the distance between the two players, or the weather outside, or whatever creepy thing is happening at the moment, the communication would fizzle, or even fade out completely, so for portions of the game, the players would be playing alone.