Shy Daddy
No Art Yet
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham
Health Invincible
Locations Boiler Room

Prison Ward Sewer Catacombs

Attack Methods None

Shy Daddies are non-hostile, invisible entities encountered in St. Abraham. It is uncertain what they look like, due to them being invisible. They represent Jay's father.


Due to the Shy Daddies being invisible, their appearance is a mystery. They have two ways that they can make their presence known: the first is by the whale-like moaning they make when Jay gets near them, and the second is by the trail of bloody footprints they leave behind as they randomly meander about the room. Their footprints resemble those of a large lizard mixed with those of a bear. They are non-corporeal creature, evidenced by the fact that Jay can't touch them; instead, the Shy Daddies will just walk through him, like a ghost walking through a wall.


Shy Daddies are very shy, as their name suggests. They do not serve as a threat, nor are they actually dangerous in any way. They will ignore Jay as they wander about, walking through him if he gets in their way.

St. AbrahamEdit

Shy Daddies are first encountered in the Boiler Room. They can later be encountered in the Prison Ward, the Sewer, and the Catacombs.


The Shy Daddies are the monstrous manifestations of Jay's father, Jason Leslie Donovan. The fact that they are invisible represents the fact that Jay never actually knew his father, so what his father looked like is a mystery to him, similar to the appearance of the monsters. Their monstrously-shaped footprints represent the intense animosity Jay has towards his biological father due to him walking out on Jay's mother before Jay was born (thus, Jay sees his father as a monster because of what he did). The fact that the Shy Daddies can walk through Jay represents his father's ignorance for his family. The monster acts as if Jay doesn't exist, similar to Jay's father walking out on his mother.