Rag Wraith
Early Concept
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham

Toshiko Crash-Up

Health Medium
Locations Surgery Ward

Storage Room Prison Ward Experiment Ward

Attack Methods Claw Swipe

The Rag Wraith is a monster encountered in St. Abraham. It is the third monster Jay Donovan encounters, the first and second being The Hungry One and the SmileBeast, respectively. It is first encountered in the Surgery Ward.


The Rag Wraith is a humanoid entity, approximately 6' 4" and 180 lbs. It has no hair, no nails, no genitalia, and no distinct facial features. It's skin appears to be made of several hundreds pieces of tattered cloth (or "rags") that were hastily sewn together. It's eyes seem to be simple black buttons. It's mouth is sewn on, though it does not open. It is extremely hostile, and will attack and attempt to kill any humans in the vicinity. Soft crying can be heard emenating from it.


The Rag Wraith usually wanders around, minding its own business. However, if Jay approaches it, the Rag Wraith immediately turns its attention to him and begins slashing at Jay with its arms. Normally, it moves slowly, but speeds up considerably once in "attack mode". They can be dangerous in packs, but are relatively easy to deal with on their own.

St. AbrahamEdit

The Rag Wraith is first encountered in the Surgery Ward. It can then be fought in the Storage Room, the Prison Ward, and finally the Experiment Ward. They are relatively weak creatures, although they are stronger than Twinheads or The Hungry Ones.

Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

The Rag Wraith appears as a summon for Needleman, similar to the SmileBeast. By pressing the Green button while holding "Down", Needleman will summon a Rag Wraith. The Rag Wraith will stand motionless in one spot, acting as a "land mine". If an opponent approaches it, the Rag Wraith will begin slashing at the foe repeatedly.


The fact that the monster's body was hastily sewn together without much care symbolizes the fragility of the minds of many of the patients who were admitted to the hospital. The various stitches could also represent botched-up surgery that took place in the hospital. Like Needleman, its covered face represents its inhumanity.


  • The Rag Wraith has a very similar shape with a human, and it can be heard saying "Where am I?".