Early Concept
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham

Toshiko Crash-Up

Health Low
Locations Boiler Room

Storage Room Catacombs Sewer Dark Lobby

Attack Methods Light Lure


Martyrs are small, irritating monsters that appear in St. Abraham. They are the weakest monsters in the game and can easily be detected, even in a dark room, due to their lures. They function similar to anglerfish; they attempt to lure Jay Donovan in with a light on the end of their long tongues. They are first encountered in the Boiler Room.


Martyrs are basketball-sized blobs of red flesh that cling to the ceiling. They have two or three small mouths on their sides and one large one on the tip of their bodies. They also sport two green tentacles that actually serve no purpose. Their mouths contain a long sticky tongue with a light on the end, like an anglerfish.


Martyrs hang upside down on the ceiling, dangling their long sticky tongues at about Jay's eye level. They use the light on the end of their tongue as a lure, hoping to lure Jay in closer. If Jay touches the tongue, the Martyr begins to slowly pull Jay up towards its maw. It takes 2-5 seconds to pull Jay up completely, depending on how high the ceiling is. He can take this time to shoot the Martyr; one bullet will kill it. If Jay reaches the top, the Martyr will begin biting Jay's head before spitting him out, where he will take fall damage.

St. AbrahamEdit

Martyrs are first encountered in the Boiler Room. They can later be found in the Storage Room, the Sewer, the Catacombs, and the Dark Lobby. In the Dark Lobby, Jay must navigate a veritable maze of them.

Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

The Martyr appears as a summon for Needleman. By pressing the Green button while holding "Up", Needleman will spawn a Martyr that cling to the bottom of a floating platform that floats high above him. The Martyr will immediately reach its tongue down and Needleman will grab it so it can pull him up to safety (making it Needleman's recovery move). However, if an opponent is standing above Needleman, the tongue will grab the opponent instead; basically, it will grab anyone who gets in its way to Needleman.


The light on its tongue represents the "light at the end of the tunnel", or death. Light generally represents holyness and goodness. The fact that the light is dangling at the end of a tongue represents the fact that Jay's goodness is hanging by a thread after killing his family. The Martyr also has 3 mouths: the large one represents Jay's late wife (Lydia), and the two smaller ones on the sides represent Jay's children (Charlie and Lalia).