Early Art
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham


Health Invincible
Locations Catacombs
Attack Methods None

The Landwalker is an enormous creature, the largest monster in the game, approximately 10 times as large as Brivega. It is encountered only in the Catacombs, and it takes up a large portion of the level. It is non-hostile, although that may be because it's so huge that it doesn't even see Jay.


The Landwalker is an approximately 350-foot tall quadrapedal creature with hard, arthropod-like skin covered in spines and armor plates.  Its head is rather crocodile-like and is in itself about 75 feet long. It has no eyes and a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. The creature's sides are lined with jagged bony spikes. Rather than a tail, there is an enormous spike on the rear of the monster. The monster's legs are the most impressive part; it has four legs that are each about 300 feet long (6/7 of its height). Its legs are relative slender, yet can still support its weight.

St. AbrahamEdit

Upon entering the Catacombs, a cutscene plays introducing the Landwalker. It is shown walking through the giant, 500-foot deep underground canyon that is the Catacombs. Throughout the entire Catacombs level, the Landwalker is advancing through the level.

Eventually, you make it to the bottom of the canyon, where you must race ahead of the Landwalker as its enormous feet destroy the platforms behind you. Being stepped on is instant death.


The Landwalker symbolizes the daunting hardships Jay will face as the game progresses even further.