Early Concept
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham
Health Low
Locations Nursery Room

Prison Ward Sewer

Dark Lobby

Cultist Room

Attack Methods Bodyslam

Halfer is a powerful monster that appears in St. Abraham. Halfers resemble a cross between a Martyr and a Cancer. It is first encountered in the Nursery Room. Its name refers to the fact that it is, for all intents and purposes, just a head and arms (i.e. half of a person).


The Halfer resembles a large blob of flesh, approximately the size of a large beachball (5-6 feet in diameter). Its body is dominated by a large human face sticking out of it. The face's eyes are constantly crying blood, and small metal hooks emerging from its body appear to be peeling the eyelids back. The creature's body is littered with zits and pimples. It features two long arms that it utilizes like legs, the hands being used as feet. The creature makes sounds that resemble those of a baby, though somewhat distorted.


The Halfer is a decievingly powerful monster that is also decievingly quick. Upon seeing Jay Donovan, it will quickly lumber towards him and attack with a leaping bodyslam. The bodyslam has a large range than you would think, and knocks Jay onto the ground. The Handgun is your best bet against the Halfer, as the Wooden Plank is too risky.

St. AbrahamEdit

The Halfer is first encountered in the Nursery Room, hiding in a closet. It can later be encountered in the Prison Ward, the Sewer, the Dark Lobby, and the Cultist Room. It is one of the most powerful non-boss monsters in the game, aside from the SmileBeast.


The Halfer represents Jay's deformed psyche. The warts and boils on its body represent the "blemishes" of Jay's past and the sins he's commited. The baby-like noises it makes may symbolize Jay's unhappiness that his mother put him up for adoption when he was young.