GrinBeast early artwork
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham II
Health Invincible
Locations Rusty Springs
Attack Methods Charge Attack

The GrinBeast is a very powerful White Mist Monster that appears in St. Abraham II. It is a stronger version of the SmileBeast from the original game.


The GrinBeast is a large (approx. 10 foot long) warm-blooded beast with no skin, allowing you to see its veins and muscles. Its posture is similar to a hunched over Tyrannosaurus, and it is supported by two very powerful legs that each end in large, clawed, 3-toed feet. Its arms are a starking contrast to said legs, and are useless, similar to the aforementioned Tyrannosaurus. Its two main features are its lack of eyes and its abnormally large smile. Its mouth contains enormous sharp teeth, and the subject smiles in such a way that its lips are pulled back, revealing its gums. Its head is more elongated than that of its counterpart and it has a small tail.


It is usually very docile, completely ignoring Owen. It only becomes hostile when Owen makes direct eye contant with its teeth (placing your cursor on its mouth), or if Owen attacks it. At said point, it with rush towards Jay with blinding speed and attempt to rip him to shreds. They attack with a blinding fast Charge Attack once you look at their teeth. Engaging a GrinBeast with any type of weapon is very risky, so it's best to run away. The GrinBeast is lethal in packs and best avoided altogether. Once it enters its aggressive state, it will not stop attacking until Owen is either dead or out of sight.

St. Abraham II: White MistEdit

The GrinBeast is one of the many creatures Owen may encounter within the White Mist. It is a very powerful Monster that can kill in one hit on Hard mode, and in two on Easy mode.


Its large smile symbolizes pain, as the smile clearly hurts it. its manic and crazed looking expression may also symbolize Owen's subconscious, which is hanging from a proverbial thread as he is slowly going insane. The veins symbolize the fragiliy of Owen's mind and how vulnerable it is. Its bloody, carcass-like appearance may also represent Owen's butcher uncle, making it one of two monsters to do so (the other being the Slaughterman).