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Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham
Health Invincible
Locations Boiler Room

Sewer Catacombs

Attack Methods None

Danglers are non-hostile monsters that appear in St. Abraham. Much like the Blue Man and the Shy Daddy, the Danglers does not attack Jay Donovan or even pose as an obstacle. They basically serve the purpose of decoration. However, they generally follow the same path you have to take, meaning you can follow them to find your way.


Danglers resemble skinless orangutans drenched in blood. They are approximately 5-6 feet tall. Their faces resemble a large bleeding pair of lips. Their feet point backwards, similar to the common depiction of a demon. Their abnormally long arms end in long club-like appendages, each with three claws arranged in a triangle in the center. The Dangler has a Mandola carved into the center of its chest. Its legs are tiny and atrophied, so they get around by hanging from the bottom of a "maze" of grates hanging from the ceiling.


Danglers are non-violent monsters that serve as neither an enemy nor an obstacle. Regardless of the area you encounter them in, the system of grates they hang from spreads through the area. The Danglers generally follow the same path you need to take, so following their route will generally lead to a successful escape.

St. AbrahamEdit

Danglers are first encountered in the Boiler Room. In the Coal Storage Room, if the player looks up, they will see Danglers hanging high above the ground and following a trail of grates. They can later be encountered in the Sewers, where they are the most useful, and the Catacombs.


Danglers represent sinners; basically, people that The Hallowed has killed. The Mandola carved into their chest represents their fate at the hands of The Hallowed, like a demented calling card. The fact that they're hanging from the grates constantly represents their "holyness" in the eyes of The Hallowed; their holyness is hanging from a thread, almost completely diminished. It may also represent a punishment; the Danglers look as if they're struggling to hold themselves up. It may mean that they must hold their own weight for all eternity, never getting a moment's rest, lest they fall to their death.