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Basic Info
Other Names The God
Appearances St. Abraham

Toshiko Crash-Up

Health Extremely High (Boss)
Locations Dark Roof
Attack Methods Fist Slam

Arm Swipe Poison Smog Locust Swarm

Brivega is a very important creature in the St. Abraham series and the final boss of St. Abraham. It is an immensely powerful diety worshiped by The Hallowed, a cult whose leader (Allister Mayston) summoned at the end of the game. It is considered to be the "king" of the dieties worshipped by The Hallowed, equaling Zeus in power and strength.


Brivega is a large, approximately 45-50 feet in height. It has flesh-colored, mucus-covered skin, similar in texture to a frog's skin. Its head is reminescent of a large lamprey; the mouth is large and circular, with large teeth all around the inner edges. The creature is blind, having no eyes whatsoever. The creature has two large, powerful arms similar to a human arm. But instead of ending in a human hand, each arm ends in an enormous bird talon-like claw with three fingers. The fingers are webbed, similar to a frog's fingers. Brivega has a large dimetrodon-like sail on its back. Brivega has no legs; instead, it has 6 tentacles protruding from the bottom of its torso.

St. AbrahamEdit

Brivega is the final boss of the game and the god that Allister Mayston attempts to resurrect. It is revived right before the final boss against it. After being reborn, it immediately devours Allister, swallowing him whole. In order to weaken the diety, Jay Donovan must use the Cross to burn patches of the monster's flesh off, revealing weak points he can shoot with his pistol. The number of bullets it takes to defeat it:

Difficulty Level         # of Bullets
Easy 25
Medium 45
Hard 65

Defeating the boss without using the Cross on Needleman earlier in the game (during the Mirror Maze section) gains you the Bad Ending, wherein Jay escapes the mental asylum only to find that monsters have overrun most of the country. If you use the Cross on Needleman before defeating the boss, you get the Good Ending, wherein Jay escapes the mental asylum unharmed and is forgiven for his sins.

Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

Brivega appears in Needleman's Crash-Attack. He can exhale clouds of Poison Gas at opponents, killing them instantly if they remain in the cloud for at least two seconds.


  • Brivega is the final boss.
  • In the fourth hub (the Catacombs), there is an underground shrine devoted to Brivega.