The Blue Man
Early Art
Basic Info
Other Names N/A
Appearances St. Abraham
Health Invincible
Locations Surgery Ward

Boiler Room Prison Ward Catacombs Experiment Ward

Attack Methods None

The Blue Man is a non-hostile entity that repeatedly appears in St. Abraham. It is one of the few monsters who never serves a threat and can not cause Jay Donovan any harm. Not only can The Blue Man cause no harm to Jay, but it also has no effect on the plot and the player can go through the whole game without encountering it. No characters ever mention its or even acknowledge its existence. As such, it is harmless.


The Blue Man is a roughly 6 1/2 foot tall humanoid being with light blue translucent skin, allowing you to view the veins underneath its skin. It has small spots of dark blue all over his body. Its head is very bulbous and "alien"-shaped. It has two large squinty eyes and a thin slit mouth. It appears to be very malnourished, as its ribcage can be seen clearly. It has long frail arms and legs, with four toes on each foot. It also appears to be weeping.


The Blue Man is completely harmless, to the point where it has no baring on the plot and no characters acknowledge its existence. It is hidden at different points throughout the game, basically serving the purpose of an easter egg. It will usually stand still or sit with its back to the player. If you approach it, it will slowly turn and stare at you until you leave.

St. AbrahamEdit

The Blue Man first appears in the Surgery Ward. It later appears in the Boiler Room, the Prison Ward, the Catacombs, and finally the Experiment Ward.

Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

The Blue Man appears in the background of the West Wing stage. He is standing with his back towards the fighting inside one of the jail cells. He has no baring on the fight and serves as a decoration.


His blue color symbolizes innocence, as he is the only monster to not attack you at all. His weak body structure represents the weak state of Jay's mind. The fact that he is crying represents Jay's guilt over killing his family.

Relation to PatientsEdit

The color blue is featured in the documents of all patients, and in one document, the Blue Man himself is mentioned.

The BoilermanEdit

The Boilerman supposedly wore a blue hat.

Tessa GoldwingEdit

Tessa smuggled a nest of spiders into the asylum with her in a plastic container with a blue lid.

Daniel RichardsEdit

Daniel went insane after claiming that a tall blue humanoid was hiding out in his house.


  • The Blue Man was inspired by the HellValleySkyTrees, shadowy creatures that can be seen in the Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both are never acknowledged by any characters and have no baring on the plot.