Bill Johnson
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Basic Info
Full Name William Johnson
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Occupation Cook
Appearances St. Abraham


"Some two-headed freak chased me into this closet! What....was it?"

-Bill Johnson to Jay Donovan


Bill Johnson is a supporting character in St. Abraham. He is a guest who was visiting his brother, who was being treated for schizoprenia. He was in the hospital when the monsters attacked. He claims he was chased into a broom closet by some "two-headed freak".


Bill is a 6'2" Caucasian man with green eyes and short light blonde hair. He wears a red and white striped polo shirt and blue jeans. He wears brown sneakers. He has a silver watch.

St. AbrahamEdit

Bill Johnson was visiting his schizoprenic brother when the monsters attacked. Jay Donovan first meets Bill in the surgery ward, in a broom closet. After they meet, Bill follows Jay around until they reached the Main Emergency Room. Upon reaching it, Jay turns around and Bill has disappeared.

Later on, Bill is met again in the Sewers. He claims he was knocked unconscious and woke up in the sewers. Like before, Bill follows Jay as they find their way out. They eventually reach a ladder that leads out of the sewers. However, once Jay starts climbing, he looks down and sees Needleman sneaking up behind Bill, who is then stabbed and killed.

St. AbrahamEdit

Bill appears as an alternate costume for Jay Donovan.


  • The "two-headed freak" that Bill refers to is the Twinhead.