Allister Mayston
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Basic Info
Full Name Allister Mayston
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Red
Occupation Architect

Cult Leader

Appearances St. Abraham

Toshiko Crash-Up

"He shall rise once more, to punish the sinners and smite the unworthy!"

-Allister, Before the final battle


Allister Mayston is an important member of The Hallowed and the main antagonist of St. Abraham. He was the architect who designed and built the hospital. Being the leader of a cult, Allister's divine worship of the god Brivega granted him immortality. He supposedly died several years after the hospital was finished back in 1901, but his immortality kept him alive. During the past century, he has repeatedly attempted to resurrect Brivega and "punish the sinners and smite the unworthy".


Allister is a Causian male of average height (about 6'2"). He generally wears a dark red robe with a hood and a Mandola on the back. When his hood is removed, it is revealed that he is an elderly man with long gray hair. He has red irises and red earrings.


He is a very serious, no-nonsense man who will stop at nothing to ressurect Brivega. Despite being the main antagonist, he's not technically evil. Allister honestly believes what he's doing is right; he feels the entire world is filled with nothing but sinners and degenerates who need to be punished.

St. AbrahamEdit

Allister is the main antagonist of St. Abraham and the leader of The Hallowed. He only actually appears twice throughout the game. The first time is in the Brivega Shrine, where he and his followers are seen sacrificing Jessica by impaling her on a large stone version of a Mandola.

The final time you see him is before the final battle with Brivega. Allister brings out a small box containing a fetus in the shape of a strange monster. After throwing said fetus into a pit, Brivega rises out. As Allister stands in awe at Brivega, he is suddenly swallowed whole by it.

Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

Allister Mayston appears as the second alternate costume of Needleman.


  • "'He shall rise once more, to punish the sinners and smite the unworthy!"
  • "Pray to Brivega, for he shall engulf the non-believers!"